12 April 2010

Trees in spring

Over the last couple weeks I have really started to take notice how beautiful the flowering trees are this year. Eva had posted a picture of her young magnolia tree on her blog and it inspired me to go take pictures of Nonna's magnolia and weeping cherry tree.

I found out I was not alone with my idea when I talked to Uncle Lee as I was taking pictures of the trees. He informed me that my Aunt Sue had posted pictures of the trees on This Old Paper, and he was planning a post on his Postcardiness's Blog. (He posted it Sunday, and you can see it here.)

So, even though I am lacking in originality, I'm still posting my pictures. Nonna's magnolia tree means so much to me, as I spent many a summer day climbing on it's branches. It has been so many things; an apartment, a spaceship, a restaurant, you name it. A lot of creativity dwelled within those branches.

The weeping cherry tree, on the other hand, always posed a problem for me while mowing that yard. I remember fighting through those weeping branches when they were long enough to touch the ground. I always loved it, though, and think it is one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Luke, I'm so glad you posted these pictures, and your memories of the magnolia tree! The weeping cherry blossoms have an especially ethereal quality - breathtaking! A perfect post for your special day! Love from, Aunt Sue

  2. Thanks Aunt Sue. Ethereal is the perfect word to describe the weeping cherry. It has been a magical spring.



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