22 April 2010

Merry Earth Day!

Unfortunately, I did not take this picture. It was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 1 spacecraft in 1966. This image is among the first views of Earth from the Moon, and shows the Earth rising above the lunar surface. An "Earthrise", if you will.

Today is Earth Day, and Ari has been all about Earth Day this year. He keeps asking what we are going to do, so I think we will take him on a trip to the recycling center, or maybe transplant some of our young plants outside.

He also asked if anyone would be coming over in the middle of the night, à la Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We told him there would be no visitors in the night to bring him Earth Day surprises.

But, why not? Maybe next year, there will be a sapling, a tomato plant, or some nice flowers brought overnight by Mother Nature or some other Earth Day ambassador. That would be something fun to do for the kids; something to make Earth Day a little more special. Plus, think of the money that could be made by exploiting Earth Day!  It's virtually an untapped market!

Let's hear it for the over-commercialization of Earth Day! I want my Reese's peanut butter earths!

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