01 April 2010

Short lived glory

A masterpiece! It's fun how such small accomplishments can bring such joy. It's even more special because I got to build this tour de force with my children. Shall I place it ever so lovingly on a shelf? Shall I glue all the pieces together in order to preserve it's brilliance forevermore? I mean, we can always buy more blocks; and the kids don't play with them much anyway. Oh wait...I forgot, I don't get to savor the moment too long...

...because soon it all comes crashing down without a second thought. All great things must come to an end. Well, I'll always have the picture to remember it by. Let's build a new one!


  1. neat! it looks like a microscope!

  2. Yes! I can see it, too! It was not deliberate, I assure you.



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