04 April 2010


We got the Easter festivities started this year by coloring some eggs on Friday. We spread some newspaper on the floor, filled some cups with dye, and let the kids have at it! It was pretty much chaos, and we attempted to control it to no avail. The kids hands were shades of colors I didn't know existed, but it was all the name of fun and creativity, so it was well worth it.

It was over in no time and we ended up with some beautiful eggs.

We arose Easter morning and I baked a delicious little lamala (thanks again Eva and Daniel) and the kids dug into their Easter baskets.
We then headed over to my mom & Marty's house and the kids hunted for their colored eggs. Emilie did really well considering Ari showed no mercy.

You don't want to mess with the boy when he's huntin' eggs!

It was a gorgeous day and I've got a lot of egg salad to eat! Here's a look at my favorite egg this year...


  1. Who's responsible for this awesome egg?
    It's always so great to see the kids!
    We talked about you during Easter lunch, madame sutter
    wanted to know if you liked the lamala mold. I should show her
    this photo! As pretty as in the bakeries here!

  2. Eva, the egg was a collaboration between Ari, Michael and I. We had a couple eggs at the end that we just left sit in a mixture of all the dyes for a couple hours, and this was the result. It's a really neat result with little effort.



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