21 April 2010

Hanafuda Cards

I was referred to Club Nintendo by a fellow co-worker who shares my passion for gaming. She told me about the site and how they have some exclusive Nintendo merchandise available. I was intrigued, so I checked it out one evening. In order to participate, I had to join the club, and then register my games in order to accumulate 'coins'; I could then redeem the 'coins' for Nintendo merchandise.

I decided to join Club Nintendo and I started registering all my Wii and DS games. It took me a while since I had accumulated a lot of games over the past four years or so. I couldn't just type in the registration code either; I had to answer several questions about the game as well.  Once I registered all my games, I looked to see what product I wanted to purchase with my 'coins'. One item jumped out at me right away, the Hanafuda Cards.

I remembered reading a long time ago how Nintendo started out as a card company in the late 1800's. I didn't know what kind of cards they made, but I thought it was interesting that the company started so long ago. Seeing these Hanafuda Cards, I knew I wanted them; I could a piece of Nintendo history! So, I ordered the cards and anxiously waited for them to arrive in the mail.

The cards came rather quickly, and when I opened the box, I was surprised how small they were. They came in a protective case with a picture of Mario on it. There are 48 Hanafuda cards in the set, and they measure 2.2 x 1.25 inches each. Some of them have Nintendo themed artwork, such as Mario and Yoshi, while others have floral designs. The cards are quite nice, actually.

The card set also came with instructions on how to play the two player game "Koi-Koi." I haven't yet played the game. I read the instructions and could not follow them whatsoever. But hey, at least I have the cards, if only for aesthetic purposes. I also still have a balance of 'coins' on Club Nintendo, so more Nintendo goodies may be coming my way soon!


  1. Ha! You did join Club Nintendo! I told you that it was cool!

  2. I know, you were right. I'm still trying to decide what to get next. I'm waiting until I get Super Mario Galaxy 2 to cash in the rest of my coins.



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