26 April 2010

Spring Bouquet

I just can't get enough of this springtime splendor. It has been a spring for the ages with the warm weather and beautiful flowers everywhere I look. The sensational fragrance that accompanies some of the flowers is only matched by their beauty. To my delight, we have some of the more wonderful scents of spring blossoming right outside our windows.

We have a lilac bush outside our dining room window which was in full bloom again this year. It is an older plant, and has grown to be quite large. It is still going strong, though, and it is one of Valerie's favorites.  It has a lovely fragrance, and we usually have a vase with some of its flowering branches sitting on the table.

New to our landscaping is a Burkwood Daphne, or 'Carol Mackie' shrub. It was by my insistence that we bought this shrub, and I wanted it because of scent alone. The fragrance that comes from its petite white flowers is my definition of what spring should smell like. We planted it by the porch and its aroma sometimes wafts through our living room windows. Every time I walk past it, I have to stop and smell the flowers. I've done it so much, Ari and Emilie do the same thing when they walk by.


  1. I love it, Luke!
    I wrote down the botanical name of this 'Carol Mackie' to ask Daniel if we might be able to buy/trade one for our own garden! (Daphne X Burkwoodii)
    Loving all the beautiful photos...

  2. Thanks, Eva! Let me know if you find one, and if the smell reminds you of anything.



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