24 July 2009


Walking through our local mega-mart the other day, I spotted a plastic patriotic hat abandoned on an end cap. No doubt left over from all of the cheap Independence Day garb, I decided to pick it up and put it on Ari's head. Thinking he would groan and take it off, he surprised me by keeping it on and wearing it for the duration of our shopping trip.

At one point, he left it behind while looking at something else. Soon, Ari realized he was without the newest item he just couldn't live without and went into panic mode. I retraced our steps and was able to recover the prized plastic hat. Before returning it to Ari, I scanned the product to find that it was only $1 (marked down from $1.50). What a bargain! I triumphantly returned the hat to Ari with it perched on my head. Yes, I got some strange looks.

So, we purchased the hat for Ari, keeping in mind that any day is a good day to be patriotic. By the time we got to our next stop, the boy had significantly crumpled the poor hat. But, we were able to pop it back into place for the most part. The hat is pretty much in shambles now, but it was fun while it lasted. After all, we really didn't expect much from the white plastic hat with a red, white, and blue paper strip with the words "Made in China" displayed on the back. How's that for patriotism?

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