22 July 2009

Lightning Bugs

(photo by Daniel Schwen)
One of my favorite childhood activities was catching lightning bugs on warm summer nights. I remember the joy I had when I spotted the first lightning bugs of the season in June. It was a sign that summer was definitely here. Catching the lightning bugs are carefully putting them into jars and watching them illuminate; it just didn't get any better than that. Such friendly creatures, those little beetles, always willing to land on an outstretched hand. What a perfect way to wind down after a busy day of playing outside.

Since Indiana has administered daylight savings time, the summer sun goes down one hour later than when I was a child. This has subsequently altered the prime lightning bug viewing, and sadly; Ari has not had few chances to catch lightning bugs since he is usually in bed well before the sun goes down. The first time he saw a lightning bug was when we were in Gatlinburg last month. He was up late with us one night when we spotted them from our deck. He was able to catch a few in his hand and he was mesmerized by their glowing bodies.

As suddenly as the lighting bugs arrive, it seems that they are gone just as quickly. Rarely do I catch lighting bugs in my hand anymore. Yet, the peacefulness of sitting back and watching the yellow blinks of illumination flitter across the landscape has a such a calming beauty to it. I look forward to the days when my children are blissfully running around the yard with a jar full of lighting bugs, playfully trying to catch more.

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  1. Beautifully written, Luke! Thanks for bringing to mind those totally magical memories!



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