17 July 2009

It's curtains for you Ari...and a new bed!

My dad called a couple weeks ago and asked if we wanted Stephen's bed for Ari. As I hesitated to ask what Stephen was going to sleep on, my dad informed me that Stephen was getting a new bed. Relieved that Stephen wasn't going to have to sleep on the floor, I asked my dad for the measurements and went upstairs to see if the bed would fit. To my relief, it did, and my dad said he would bring the bed to us soon.

Our bedrooms are pretty small in our house and this new bed has drawers underneath it to act as a dresser. Ari already had a bed, but this new storage option was too good to pass up, and the new bed didn't take up much more room than the old one. My dad came up last weekend with the new bed and we set it up in Ari's room. It fit well, and Ari was delighted in the fact that there were doors in the bed frame that allowed access to underneath the bed itself. His own secret hiding place! How fun!

The bed was a little bit taller than his old one and we had to position it differently in his room to allow for all the doors to function properly. This resulted in the bed going across the windows. Ari had long drapes in his room and the bed did not allow the drapes to hang unimpeded. We came to the conclusion that we would take down the drapes and put up a valance. Then, on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, we found some Cars fabric and I decided that I would try to make the valances myself since I had Eva's sewing machine. (I hope you don't mind, Eva.)

Having never made curtains before, I looked at some of the other window treatments we had in the house to get an idea of how to make the ones for Ari's room. I don't know if I used the right technique, but I got them completed and Ari likes them; that's really all that matters anyway. I think they look pretty good, myself, and Ari's room got a quick impromptu makeover. Even after all that, he still doesn't make his bed. Kids!


  1. Bravo! As far as I'm concerned you can keep that machine! Great work. How did you get the window frames to match the curtains so perfectly?

  2. I'm saving money to buy my own sewing machine, now, and we just bought some fabric so I can make new curtains for the kitchen. And we just got lucky that the fabric color matched Ari's room.

  3. Ari you Could contact any hardware person or installer or would help from do it yourself or home Depot.



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