16 July 2009

Back in action

I've gone solo on my quilting project since Eva has been in France longer than she first anticipated. On Memorial Day, Katie and I got to talking about quilting and she offered me a sewing machine to use at my house so I could finish it. I politely declined because I wanted to wait for Eva to come back. I enjoyed our Thursday night quilting get-togethers as much as I liked the quilting itself, so I wanted to finish it with her. When Eva told me she had found a job in France, I decided I could not wait any more and asked Katie if the offer for the sewing machine was still on the table.

In my heart, I still wanted to wait for Eva to return, but I kept seeing my half-made quilt neatly folded in a bag in the den. It was just eating away at me; I had to complete it. I could not let it turn into a project that I would never finish and I just didn't know when Eva would be back. Katie brought the sewing machine to my house and gave me a refresher course on how to operate it. I was surprised how much I had forgotten since I last used it. Katie told me it was Eva's sewing machine I was using, and that Eva said if would be fine if I borrowed it. I tell ya, a guy couldn't ask for better cousins. You two are the best!

I have since completed the front and back of my quilt. It is almost finished! I have also had to fill the bobbin and rethread the machine a couple of times; something Eva always did for me. So I'm pleased that I'm getting more comfortable with the machine, too. I bought the batting last weekend, so all that is left is to sew all the pieces together and tie the quilt. These last few steps are making me quite nervous because I've come too far to mess up it all up now. I want to complete it all in one sitting because I don't want the batting to get discombobulated inside the quilt. I know that fear is probably irrational, but it would make me feel better to get it all done at once. I plan on sitting down and knocking it out this weekend, so stay tuned for an update on my completed quilt!


  1. Are those t shirts?
    I see the cool REM designs.

    Your doing knotting? My grandma quilted that way.

  2. Yes, I am making the quilt out of all my old REM t-shirts. I had about 18 of them. I got most of them when I was 15 or 16, so they didn't fit anymore. I decided that I would make good use out of them instead of letting them just sit in a closet. And I didn't want to sell them or anything like that.

    I am going to finish the quilt by using the knotting technique. My great-grandmother made my dad a quilt that way and it is still holding up beautifully. I can only hope that mine lasts as long as his.

  3. It looks SO good, Luke! Valerie's a lucky lady to have a husband that quilts! You're amazing!

  4. Thanks Eva! I couldn't have done it without you.



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