27 April 2009

Volleyball goodness

Yesterday, we finally got together for some volleyball for the first time this year. We tried to arrange some games two other times, but each had to be cancelled due to rain. Not yesterday, though. The air was warm (mid 80's), there was more than a steady breeze in the air (about 20 mph), and we had partly cloudy skies. It really felt like it was July out there.

We only played for about three hours, but it was a great day to start the season. Unfortunately, I was not on a team that won a game yesterday. It was a little discouraging, but not really a big deal since everyone tried their best; that's all that really matters.

It was still tremendous fun, especially just being able to play again. Not winning a game did make me want to get back out there that much sooner though. There's always the day long volleyball/cookout Memorial Day gathering to look forward to!


  1. Luke! This sounds like fun: watching of course, not playing. And it's not your fault that your team lost each time: you've got the VB skills. And 80 degrees sounds nice!

  2. It was a lot of fun, Eva. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping you'll be back for the Memorial Day gathering.



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