22 April 2009

Thanks Earth!

Happy Earth Day Planet Earth!

I owe my own survival to you, Earth. Without you, I don't know where I'd be. Everything you have gone through over the billions of years, you are truly remarkable with all of your life sustaining goodness. I am honored to be able to spend time you during this period of your existence. Thanks again for everything!

Oh, one more thing; sorry about all the satellites and other space junk in your orbit up there. I know it kind of takes away from your beauty a little bit; but I'm sure you understand. Technology...what are you gonna do? But any who, here's to many more years of good health and prosperity!


  1. Happy Earth Day! With this post you've: 1. helped me realize it is indeed Earth Day. 2. infected me with gratitude and 3. made me hope this isn't a real photo of space junk floating around Earth! is it?

  2. Eva, it is a computer generated image based on actual data. The picture does not depict the satellites and debris items at actual size or density, though.

    I was startled the first time I saw these images. I found out that of the 6,000 satellites launched since the 60s, it is estimated only 800 are operational; the rest just float uselessly in orbit. Yikes!



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