13 April 2009

Bob Ross

I happened to be browsing through the channels on an otherwise miserable cold rainy spring day and came across a little gem of a show I hadn't watched in years. The Joy of Painting was on my local PBS channel and I decided to watch it.

I remember watching Bob Ross as a kid paint his mountains and happy little trees; and being entranced by the ease in which he seemed to do it. Upon watching it again, I am still amazed that he can produce these works of art in about 25 minutes.

There is just something about watching the show. The calmness and kindness of Bob Ross, his caring nature, it is so relaxing and enjoyable. Even Ari will sit and watch it with me when it is on. He hears Bob's voice and asks if painting is on.

Bob Ross passed away on July, 4 1995 at the age of 52. New episodes of The Joy of Painting ran from 1983 to 1995. The reruns air today under the name of The Best of The Joy of Painting. If you've never seen it before, you should check it out, it really is enjoyable.

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  1. Ari and I are looking at you past blogs and he said this one and said "It's Bob Ross!" What other 3 year old knows that?
    He is practicing his typing



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