09 August 2010

Murrells Inlet Seafood

A couple years ago, we vacationed in South Carolina and stayed at a beach house in Murrells Inlet. The house had a full kitchen, so I made a point to prepare some fresh fish while we were there.  The first time we set out to find some fresh fish was on a Sunday evening; and Eva, Uncle Marc and I left the house confident that we would find a fish market.  As we were driving, we found a couple a fish markets, but they were closed on Sunday.  Just as we were losing hope we found Murrells Inlet Seafood.  As we got to the door we found that it was locked!  They had just closed and we saw an employee inside looking at us and telling us the same.  With our spirits low, we headed back to the truck.  Just as we were getting to the parking lot, we heard the store door open and someone hollering at us telling us we could come in.  We quickly made our purchases and headed back to the beach house anticipating the wonderful meal we were about to enjoy.  We went back to Murrells Inlet Seafood two more times that week, each time choosing a new fish to try, each time preparing a memorable meal. Cooking that fresh fish with Eva was really the highlight of the trip for me.

We planned another trip to Murrells Inlet this year, and I was most excited to go back to Murrells Inlet Seafood to get some more fresh fish.  We really don't have a good fish source here in Kokomo, Indiana, so being able to take advantage of the local seafood of the area is really important to me.  Eva unfortunately didn't make the trip this time, but Angela cooked with me every night we made fish, and we had a lot of fun, too. 

The first fish I prepared on our trip was a local grouper, pan seared in butter and olive oil, finished with salt and pepper and some fresh lemon juice; with steamed baby carrots and asparagus in brown butter on the side.

Our second fish dish was halibut, prepared the same way as the grouper, served with roasted cauliflower and wilted spinach.

Our last seafood dinner consisted of a locally made crab cake, shrimp and conch fritters, roasted red potatoes, and corn on the cob.

We ate well on our trip and I really enjoyed preparing my own seafood.  There are many seafood restaurants in the Murrells Inlet area, but I really feel this is the way to go.


  1. Welcome home, Luke! I'm glad to see this seafood place is still in business! and of course to see your fantastic fish dishes! xoxo

  2. It's good to be home, Eva. I really missed you. Trivial Pursuit just wasn't the same without you.

  3. Oh, you played Trivial Pursuit! Man!!!! I love playing that! Especially when we're on the same team!

  4. I know! My team lost both times we played. I needed you!



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