26 August 2010

I got my wish...

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On November 7, 1993 this Calvin and Hobbes comic was in our Sunday paper.  I was thirteen at the time, and looking through the funny pages to read a new Calvin and Hobbes was such a joy.  This one in particular stands out because my mom loved it.  I don't remember who did it, but it ended up taped on the wall in the living room, right by the kitchen door.

A couple years later, we moved out of that house on Elm Street.  I remember leaving that comic up on the wall, no one wanted to take it down.  It was the only thing left on the walls in an otherwise empty house.  My grandparents ended up buying that house from us, and that comic is still on the wall, in the very same spot.  Whenever I see it, it always brings a smile to my face.

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