01 May 2009

Food Snatcher Extraordinaire

His name is Walter, and he is proud to call himself a food snatcher. He may look like an innocent ordinary beagle, but something ominous lies beneath that soft silky fur. Food snatching capabilities unmatched by no other are what make this harmless looking beast so unusual. His choice of prey provides an interesting glimpse into his shrewd mind. He chooses not to seize food from the hand of an adult, but from the hand of a child. What a monster, I know! Yet, he is not malicious in his ways; never has he inflicted the tiniest bit of physical harm to his victims themselves. But the emotional toil could be everlasting.

His methods are curious to say the least; I even find myself in awe of his abilities at times. The way he obtains his food is akin to that of the "Jedi mind trick" of Star Wars fame. He seems to impose his will onto the children; as strong as their desire may be to eat their food, Walter overpowers their minds and makes them to give the tasty morsels to him. This is evidenced by the fact that almost immediately after the food is given to Walter, the child begins to cry once it is realized that the food is now gone; the trance was broken once the food was apparently given to the dog freely.

His craft must have been developed with much research and care. He knew he could not be scolded for eating the food if it was given to him. I can only imagine the countless meals he had to sit through trying to hone his ability. Once he figured it out, he could not be stopped. To see that small hand reach out with a cracker or cookie only to have it hastily snatched without a thank you or any other form of gratitude is heartbreaking to say the least. Can he be stopped? Will he be stopped? Only time will tell...


  1. Ha ha ha! I love it! The kids are hypnotized! I passed a woman walking a beagle yesterday and thought of Walter. But her beagle didn't have Walter's beautiful black-outlined eyes. Walterrr!

  2. The expression on his face says it all! It's the perfect picture to go with this post!



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