04 May 2009

Chicken salad

I was able to check chicken salad off my list of new recipes to try the other day; and I must say, the recipe did not disappoint. I got the recipe from a fellow co-worker whose husband makes the salad for her on a regular basis. He has even started bringing sandwiches to other people in the office when he makes a batch. Several people asked him for the recipe, but he said he didn't have one, he just made it from memory. He did write down what ingredients he used, and they were photocopied and passed around the office.

I was intrigued by the recipe because of the reaction the chicken salad got at the office. I had never tried any that he brought in, so I decided to make some myself. The only ingredients are shredded chicken, diced celery, chopped dried cranberries, chopped hard boiled egg, and mayonnaise. For the shredded chicken, I roasted some chicken breasts in the oven and once they were cool, I shredded them by hand. I then made a batch of mayonnaise and chopped some celery, dried cranberries, and egg, and just mixed it all together. I then added some salt and pepper to taste. We made sandwiches for lunch, but it was also good on some club crackers for a snack. Overall, it is a very simple recipe that I plan to use much more in the future, especially with summer just around the corner.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds so good! I imagine the cranberries adding something special. And shredding the chicken by hand---bravo, Luke!



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