19 May 2009

Good as New

After much deliberation on location, we decided to celebrate Emilie's first birthday at our house this year. Our yard is quite small and we want to have her party outside since her birthday is in June. We were thinking about having it at a park or at a relative's house who has a big yard. But after a scheduling conflict with one party, and an apparent lack of interest from another, we decided it would be best to just have it at our house. Hooray! Once we decided, we realized we had a lot of work to do outside.

So this weekend, my mom came over to help with some painting projects I had been meaning to get to. I painted the flashing on the house while she painted the garage door. I can't tell you how wonderful the garage looks now. It looks brand new! I didn't realize how much a fresh coat of paint would brighten it up. I wish I had a before picture to show of the garage, but the after picture will have to do, I guess. The best part is that my basketball won't get that white chalky stuff on it every time it touches the garage door. Thanks Mom!



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