20 May 2009

By any means necessary

Emilie loves to walk. The thing is, she has to have some sort of assistive device in order to do so. Whether it's her walker, one of Ari's toys, Ari's desk chair, or holding someone's hands, she has to have something or someone else's support in order for her to do her favorite activity. Valerie and I think she can do it on her own. She is able to stand all by herself if she is focusing on something else, then once she realizes she is standing, she slowly sits down. I know she'll grow out of it, she's only 11 months old, but it's fun to see the things she comes up with to support herself.


  1. Go Emilie! I can't believe she's already doing assisted walking! I love her little feet in these shots!

  2. This is so funny! I never realized how silly she looks when she does this!



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