27 May 2010

Winged Samaras

I was delighted to see that our Japanese Maple produces little "helicopters."  We had transplanted the tree to the front yard when we first moved in, and it must have taken it a while to become reenergized enough to produce them because last year was the first time I noticed the little winged samaras.  We even had a little Japanese Maple sprout underneath the tree.  I'm thinking about growing one from seed because they are so beautiful.  I would love to watch one grow.


  1. Just beautiful!!! I looked into getting one of these japanese maples for our yard here, because I love yours so much...they're quite expensive, though! I might have to buy some samaras from you the next time I'm home. Hmmmm...seed smuggling....

  2. Yes, they are expensive. I'm glad we there was one already here when we moved in. I know that first spring after we moved it was nerve wracking because we didn't know if it would survive or not.

    No need to buy the samaras, Eva. You are welcome to have as many as you want. Maybe you could start a tree farm!



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