11 May 2010

Omelet Wars

Upon browsing the Eva + Daniel blog today, I saw that Eva posted a segment of Julia Child making an omelette.  It turns out that Eva learned how to make omelettes by watching Julia Child.  She then visited Latent Chestnut and read the description of Alton Brown's new book.  The description mentions how Alton Brown explains how to make a perfect omelet.  Eva then wondered if Alton Brown's technique differed from that of Julia Child's.  Eva posted a video of Julia Child making an omelette on her blog to show her technique, so I figured I should post a video of Alton Brown's.  Here is an excerpt from "The Egg Files VI: French Flop, Zen and the Art of Omelet Maintenance"

For all intents and purposes, it looks like both Julia Child and Alton Brown use the same technique to make omelets.  One difference is the way they spell 'omelet'.  In true Alton Brown fashion, he breaks the technique down to the simplest steps, but I think the spirit of the omelet and what it is supposed to be remains the same to both chefs.  Check out the Julia Child video on Eva's blog to see if you agree with be or not.  I learned from Alton Brown how to make them, and make omelets quite frequently, actually.  I have perfected the 'one egg' omelet, as it is just the right amount of egg for the kids. 

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  1. Nice! They do use the same basic technique! He's great. I like his omelet/omelette herb recommendations a lot! Thanks for posting this, Luke!



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