19 May 2010

Why to Roll Over

One of the biggest rifts in my marriage is caused by an unassuming household item, toilet paper. Whenever I replace the toilet paper roll, I make sure the outside edge rolls over the top of the roll. To me, it is just more practical. I can get a better feel for how much toilet paper I am using, it is easier to tear across the perforation, and it is more pleasing to the eye. Valerie, on the other hand, pays no attention to how she applies the roll. But somehow, whenever she puts a new roll on, the edge inevitably rolls under. I cry conspiracy!

Cottonelle has been running an ad campaign recently conducting a 'Roll Poll' to settle the debate. According to Cottonelle's website, 72% of consumers prefer the toilet paper to roll over and 28% prefer under. I saw a Cottonelle advertisement (pictured above) showing the benefits of rolling over in one of Valerie's magazines, and I took a liking to the diagram. I felt it made a lot of compelling arguments in favor of rolling over, so I posted it in the bathroom right above the roll of toilet paper. I thought it could serve as a friendly reminder on how to install the new roll of toilet paper when the time comes. Valerie was not amused. It is no longer on the wall.  I think it may have been flushed.


  1. ha ha ha ha! I've never even thought of this before!

  2. I think he is just too picky. I never pay attention to how I put the roll on. As long as it's there it's all good in my book!

  3. that's hilarious, because i actually always put it 'roll under'...
    what a controversy! i think this calls for a TP fight!!!



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