07 May 2010

Calvin and Hobbes painting

Check out this 24"x20" Acrylic on wood board painting I stumbled upon on the internet.  It was painted by Jim, who goes by StrangelyDrawn on the website artbreak.com.  I encourage you to check out his work as he has done a lot of paintings of other pop culture icons from my childhood.  I was excited to see paintings of Super Grover and Fraggle Rock among his work.  But it was his painting of a 'real' Calvin and Hobbes that really grabbed me.

I've seen other drawings and renditions of 'real' Calvin and Hobbes, but this one captures the essence and spirit of the comic strip like no other.  The way Calvin is portrayed is done exceptionally well.  He is truly a six-year-old boy playing with a real tiger without a care in the world; and there is nothing else he would rather be doing.  I am enamored by the tenderness and love portrayed in such an otherwise dangerous situation.  This is Calvin's world.  I know the word is overused, but this painting really is awesome.

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