08 March 2010

Wall clings galore

We couldn't leave Emilie out of the wall cling fun. Rummaging through the aisles of target, Valerie spotted a pack of Dora the Explorer wall clings. With Emilie's recent fascination of the exploradora in full swing, we couldn't pass it up; especially for only ten bucks.

They aren't on the same level as Ari's Mario wall clings in terms of quantity or quality, but it doesn't matter; Emilie absolutely loves them. We put the majority of them right over her crib, which worked out well since Valerie was looking for something to fill the empty space. I must say, they look pretty good in her room.

When I was putting the last of the clings on the wall, Ari came into Emilie's room and complimented me on a job well done. He then proceeded to tell me that now I needed to get some "Lost" wall clings for my bedroom. I laughed and told him that it probably wasn't going to happen, emphasis on the word "probably". Though "Lost" may be over the top, I wouldn't be opposed to some Alton Brown wall clings in the kitchen. Hmmm... that reminds me, I better get started on that birthday list!



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