14 March 2010

New Beginnings

We planted seeds for our expanded garden this weekend. We'll have more variety this year, as opposed to the fifteen or so tomato plants we had last year. We bought our seeds from The Sunspot and dirt and containers at Menard's and were ready to go.

Ari was excited about putting the dirt in all the containers and he did a really good job. He filled all the containers three-quarters full, and moved on to planting the seeds.

Following Eva and Daniels model, I helped Ari plant the seeds. We planted lettuce, carrots, jalapenos, basil, cantaloupe, and pumpkins. We are also planning on planting tomatoes and artichokes, but we don't have those seeds yet. We had such success with our tomatoes last year, I wanted to get the same variety, the Wisconsin 55. We couldn't find them in town this year, so we ordered the seeds off the internet.

Now we wait...


  1. Whouhaaa!!!
    I`m impressed with Ari`s work It`s clean around the table !!!
    How did he do that ???
    I`m like a real pig when I do the same thing !!?
    Both with dirt or flour or even couscous....
    Continue to share your pictures, please

  2. Yes Daniel. Ari did a great job, I was impressed, too. We've started to see some lettuce sprouting through. More pictures are sure to follow!



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