27 March 2010


Sometimes I shave at night, and if the kids are taking a bath at the same time, I've got to share the love. Once they see the shaving cream come out they start yelling 'shave!' and I dispense some shaving cream onto one of their hands. The thrill of the shaving cream coming out of the can is only half the fun, they then proceed to lather up just like Dad (only I just lather my face).

I remember my dad giving me on old disposable razor with the blades removed so I could pretend to shave, so one night I did the same for Ari and Emilie; and now they have razors of their own, too. Ari likes to pretend to actually shave more than Emilie; she mainly just likes to lather herself. It keeps them busy and entertained for a long time, and it's the highlight of their bath.

I just wish shaving could be that much fun for me.

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