03 March 2010

Fish & Chips

One of the highlights of visiting Louisville is dining at The Irish Rover. I've posted about it before in regards to finding their elusive soda bread recipe, but I wanted to highlight the real reason we all want to go there every time we visit my dad...the fish and chips. I've wanted to post about this meal in the past, but I also wanted a picture. Feeling odd about toting a camera into the restaurant, I never was brave enough to get that snapshot I wanted.

I recently procured a new cell phone complete with a really nice built in camera. I felt that I could be sneaky enough to get the picture without being too obvious.

Upon ordering the fish and chips, I was soon presented with a 7-8 oz. portion of lightly battered Icelandic cod, a generous portion of pub chips, and a tartar sauce that was out of this world. The Icelandic cod is really the star on the plate, as it should be. Battered and deep fried to perfection, the white fish is moist, tender, flaky, and perfectly complimented with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of malt vinegar.

Restraining myself not to dig right in, I slowly pulled out my phone, set it to the camera setting, and got a pretty good photo.

It was even better than it looks, and I think it looks pretty delicious. I have not found fish and chips that can compare to those of The Irish Rover. It is always a treat to go there when we are in Louisville.


  1. adorable! Its time to go to bed here in F land, and you're making me hungry. Fish n' chips dreams....night!

  2. Yum! I want to go have some more....



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