04 August 2009

My Good Eats Fan Video

I did it. I entered a contest. I submitted a minute long video for a chance to to meet Alton Brown and be part of the Good Eats 10th Anniversary Special. If I win, it would truly be a dream come true. And how often does somebody get a chance like this. I couldn't let this opportunity go by without at least trying.

I found out about the contest from fellow AB fan Lisa over at the All About Alton blog. There are six winners, so I hope we are both part of the chosen few. I think the video turned out well, and I think I may have a fighting chance to be selected. The judging is next week, so I'll know soon enough. In the meantime, check out the video, if you'd like...

I have been getting reports of people not being able to view the video here. If that is the case for you, you can view the video directly at:


It is entitled 'Growing Up with Good Eats' and was submitted on 08/03/2009; it should be on the first 2 or 3 pages under the 'Most Recent' section. If it doesn't work here, try going there. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Judging from what I've seen as competetion, FN would crazy NOT to pick you as one of the lucky winners!

    Great job!

    Good Luck!!!

  2. I LOVE your video and I so hope you win. Not just because I would get to go to the taping with you, but because I know how much you would like to do this!

  3. Luke! I was so excited to see that you posted this video yesterday and so frustrated that for some reason I couldn't get it to play! But today, it worked just fine, and what a treat to be able to see it! Just like the good ol' days of movie making! You're sure to win! Keep us updated!!!



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