12 August 2009

Idea Thief

As many of you may already know, my lovely wife has recently started her own blog. Yes, Fearless D & Girlish Glee is part of the World Wide Web. Great news right? Well, not for me; not with new post ideas being ripped right out of my hands!

Just the other day, we were out taking pictures of the kids. Ari was on his bike pulling Emilie behind him. How cute! What a perfect event to document on latent chestnut! Too bad my wife was thinking the same thing, only for her own use. How selfish of her!

Soon enough, I was browsing through her site and saw the pictures with a nice little write up. Well, there's one idea right down the drain. But Fearless D & Girlish Glee is dedicated to the kids so she can have it, I really don't mind. But if she starts to write about R.E.M. or cooking, then I may have a fight on my hands...



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