28 August 2009

Artistic Vision Realized

Valerie wanted Ari to make something artsy craftsy to give to Marcia for her birthday, and I had the idea to buy a canvas, some paintbrushes, some paint, and let him loose. So we set Ari up at the table with his paints and let him do pretty much whatever he wanted on that canvas. We showed him how to clean off the paintbrush in some water and that's about it. The paint on the canvas was all his own; his own artistic vision.

When he said he was finished, I went to help him write his name at the bottom of the canvas. Our first attempt was unsuccessful and I was thinking about how he could sign his name. Before I knew it, he was painting the letters A - R - I on the canvas all by himself. This was the first time he has written his own name, albeit backwards, but he wrote his own name! I was so thrilled and tempted to keep the painting; but we still gave it to Marcia (she loved it by the way.) Though, Valerie did go out and buy another canvas so Ari could do another painting for us to keep.

The painting pictured is the second one he made. He did this one all by himself as well, with even less help from Valerie and I. He was painting in the dining room while we were in other parts of the house, so I don't really even know what techniques he used. There are some paint splatters on this one that weren't on the first, and I don't know how those got there. When he told me he was done, I asked him if he signed his name, and he did. The result is a pretty cool painting that I am proud to display in my home. Way to go Ari!


  1. I love it! This is actually really good! Go Ari!

  2. Cool Eva! I was really interested in what you had to say about it! I was hoping I just wasn't being too proud of a father by thinking it was so good.



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