14 August 2009

Cheers for ears!

Ahhh...corn on the cob. Here in Indiana, it just doesn't get any better than that in the summertime. There is more than corn in Indiana, but there doesn't need to be. Biting those sweet succulent kernels off the cob one row at a time sometimes feels like a religious experience. Add a little butter, salt and pepper...mmm...no words can describe the flavor sensation.

Yep, the corn is finally in season this year here in Indiana. Pick-up trucks with their beds full of corn dot the intersections and it's hard to resist stopping to pick up a few ears. So easy to prepare, so fun to eat, truly a treasure for the taste buds.
Even Walter can't resist.


  1. Mmmm corn.

    I love the pup and his ear!

    Wasn't there an old commercial jingle with "There is more than corn in Indiana." ?? A misspent youth of watching WGN and Cub games will do that to you.

  2. This looks and sounds so good right now! Go Indiana!

  3. Yes! 'There's more than corn in Indiana' is from the old Indiana Beach amusement park commercials.

  4. Thank you for confirming I'm a huge dork ;)

    That jingle immediately ran through my head when I read that line! :)



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