05 June 2009

Tomato, you say?

I am quite pleased with the progress my tomato plants are making. I was just asking Ari if he remembered planting the seeds, and when I told him these plants were the result, he looked baffled. He must have forgotten or not have made the connection. It was a good look nonetheless.

I thought it would be fun to do a progression of posts so I'm providing links to the other gardening posts I've done.

Here's the post from March 30 - seeds
Here's the post from April 7 - signs of life
Here's the post from May 8 - gardening update

And now...

My how they have grown. It looks like I've been posting updates just about every month, so stay tuned for the July update!


  1. These look great! Love the pinwheel!

  2. Yes, the pinwheel addition was courtesy of Ari. He insisted that we have one. I'm glad it's there.



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