30 March 2009


We got the ball rolling on our small garden that we are hoping to have this summer. By small, I mean tomatoes and some herbs. Unfortunately, our yard is not big enough for us to grow much more. Plus, this is our first attempt at growing our own food, so we are starting small.

Ari and I planted some tomato seeds about a week ago in a small container that we are keeping on the front porch. It gets plenty of sunlight and is generally warmer on the porch since it is enclosed by all the windows. We have not seen any growth yet, but Ari looks forward to watering the seeds and checking to see if there is any progress every day.

I'll post updates as we see progress with the tomato plants, hopefully. Also, once we get the herb garden started. I am really looking forward to the herb garden, I have always wanted to have my own fresh herbs on hand ready to use at a moments notice to brighten up a dish.


  1. Hey Eva! If you've got any gardening tips, I'm all ears!

  2. I'm happy to know that you have green hands. Planting seeds is a real pleasure the most exciting moment is when the first dicotyledons appear like two little green hands, I'm so emotional, I'm starting to cry, sorry.
    Make sure that the water that you will put into your container there doesn't stagnate too much, it will be a mushroom nursery. You can maybe make a little hole into the bottom even if Valerie will complain because you ruin this washing stuff. I'm really happy that you and Ari are making that! It's fun and more than fun.
    Miss you, have fun
    (Keep this stuff warm, maybe in your kitchen)

  3. Thanks Daniel! We checked yesterday and saw that two of the seeds have started to sprout. It was emotional and we were all so excited. We felt like we had really accomplished something. We miss you too, and hopefully we will have some nice looking tomato plants when you return.



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