13 March 2009

Friday Night Frenzy

We took a detour from our normal Friday night get-togethers at my house and went over to my Mom & Marty's because Aunt Sue was in town. It was great to see her and everyone else. We ordered Pizza King pizzas, played Wii Sports and had a jolly ol' time. Plus, last night was Michael's birthday so Marty bought him a Pizza King shirt when we went to pick up the pizza's. Needless to say, Michael loved it.

It was fun to see Uncle Lee play tennis on the Wii, he did really well. We had a mini-tournament, which was a blast, and my mom kept challenging me to another match. It was a raucous event, indeed. Ari finally got the hang of golf and was driving and putting the ball like a pro. The look on his face was priceless the first time he made a putt. That's just what we need, another video game for him to play. Oh, well.

Ari and Emilie started to "crash" about 8:30, which is when we heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Katie! Seeing her revived Ari for a few minutes, but Emilie was too far gone, so we had to leave. As Valerie and I were loading the kids into the car, Aunt Mare, Uncle Dave, and Tim pulled into the court. We were leaving just as the party was really heating up! I was bummed. But, it was a wonderful evening full of food, family, and fun. And, thanks for the pizza's Mom & Marty!


  1. Thanks for the post! Its great to see everyone there! I'm sad I missed all the fun. It's awesome that Uncle Lee took to the Wii! Miss you! Eva

  2. We miss you too, a lot. Aunt Sue talked about you quite a bit. I heard Katie and Tim played Wii Sports together for a while, but that was after we left. Fun times, indeed.

  3. I was sorry to have arrived so late. I really enjoyed seeing you for the two minutes I did though! hahah. And playing Wii was exciting. I'd never tried it before.



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