05 March 2009

Bunny Guts

Easter, 2007, Ari had just finished rummaging through his Easter basket and held a white plastic bunny in his hands.

"Is it?" He said to me, wondering what the object was.

"It's a bunny," I told him as I pulled away the clear plastic that encompassed the toy, "let's see what's inside."

I slowly pulled the bunny apart to reveal a bright orange blob of Play-Doh and I said, "Ewww, bunny guts."

Ari laughed and I showed him some of the things he could do with Play-Doh. I was the first time he had seen anything like it and he really enjoyed playing with it.

The next day, he said to me, "Daddy, I want to play with bunny guts." I didn't know what he was talking about, and then it hit me...Play-Doh. I laughed and got the bunny out so he could play with it some more.

Loving the fact that he called Play-Doh "bunny guts", we decided not to correct him. Besides, we didn't care what it's called. It was fun to see the reaction of family and friends when they hear Ari talk about playing with bunny guts. They are all used to it now, and some of them also refer to it as bunny guts, too.

He knows now that it is also called Play-Doh, but he still refers to it as bunny guts, and so do we, and hopefully always will.


  1. hahhaa. this is amazing. I'd love to hear him say 'bunny guts'. i'm sure i'll be tempted to call it by the same name now!

  2. It really is a lot more fun to call it bunny guts than just regular ol' Play-Doh. You'd fit right in at our house, Katie!

  3. There is nothing more cute and innocent than a white rabbit but since I saw Monty Python's The Holy Grail, I'm really suspicious of this kind of beast. Watch out guys! We don't know.



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