26 March 2009


Here is Alton Brown's take on pie:

Pie is indeed my favorite dessert. What can I say, the savory, tender, flaky crust, the sweet (but not too sweet) filling makes for a flavor sensation second to none. There is nothing better than a well executed pie, and it has to be homemade, of course, right down to the crust.

I can't say that I had a whole lot of pie growing up. Nonna's apple pie is the earliest memory I have of pie. I have tried to replicate it, but I have not been able to get it just right. Going through an old box of recipes from her house, I found another copy of the recipe that called for minute tapioca. I had only used regular small pearl tapioca and the pearls never softened up enough. So now, armed with this bit of information, I have a new challenge ahead. I can only hope to come close to the original.

Another family recipe that I more recently became aware of is buttermilk pie. It is like a sugar cream pie, but it is not as sweet and has a little tangyness from the buttermilk. It is absolutely delicious. Every time I eat it I am reminded of why it is my favorite pie. Where had it been all my life? It is my great-grandmother's recipe, so I guess she must have not made it all that often when I was a kid. Or, I may not have tried it because to a kid buttermilk pie doesn't sound all that appetizing. If I had only known what I was missing.

Whether it's apple, blueberry, strawberry rhubard, pumpkin, lemon merange, buttermilk, chocolate, or peanut putter, I am a fan of pie, and it is welcome on my plate any night of the week.


  1. Oh, Luke! I didn't know they didn't eat pie like we did all over the country. Cobbler, huh?
    I would love to try some of your Nonna inspired apple pie when I get home, maybe we could even make it together?

  2. I love learning what foods are specialties of the region and not really popular in the rest of the U.S.
    I would love to bake Nonna's apple pie with you. That would be a real treat. Be sure to bring your rolling pin!



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