07 March 2009

An Ari Lullaby

When I mentioned singing Fall on Me to Ari before bed, I got the idea to post about some of the other songs we sing. This is one of the first bedtime songs that I sang to him. It is called Swan Swan H, and it is from R.E.M's 1986 album Lifes Rich Pageant, same as Fall on Me.

I honestly can't say why I started singing this song to him. It really wasn't one of my favorite songs, or one that I would really consider a typical bedtime type song. It seems to be R.E.M.'s attempt at a folk ballad, bringing about a lot of imagery from the Civil War era of the American South. Yeah, I know, not really bedtime song material at all. It is a beautiful song, and Ari can pretty much sing it word for word.

Also, on a side note, this song contains the lyric in which I chose to use as my e-mail address.

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