20 January 2011

Stay tuned...

CSNstores.com has given me the opportunity to do a product review from one of their sites! How exciting! For those of you not familiar with CSN Stores, it is a Boston based Internet retailer that started in 2002. CSN Stores is comprised of 200 different shopping sites with a vast array of products for the home. My cousin Nedra, over at Captain Coupon, and friend Lisa, at All About Alton, have both worked with CSN stores, so I am really looking forward to this endeavor.

Browsing through some of the CSN stores, I stumbled upon a site that features modern furniture. This site caught my eye because I noticed that in the "Browse by Brand" column on the left side of the site there was a brand called Thomas Paul. I have a nephew named Thomas Paul! I thought that was neat, so I checked it out and they had some wonderful antique toys available. Thomas' first birthday is coming up; maybe he would like a toy with his name on it! 

Stay tuned for my first product review...


  1. I've enjoyed their sites and working with them, hope you have a good experience too. That would be cool to get your nephew something with his name on it. :)



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