23 January 2011

Big Girl Bed

We have been slowly 'unbaby-proofing' our house for the last month or so.  We took down the gate on the stairs, purged the toys, removed the locks from the cabinet doors (the ones that still worked), and it all culminated with moving Emilie to a 'big girl' bed.  So, don't bring your babies to our house, it's not safe.

Last weekend, when we made the transition, we tried to make it fun for Emilie.  She helped me take apart her crib and put up her new bed frame, then we went out and she picked out her own bed sheets.  She was a bit leery at first, but once the bed was made, she got really excited and promptly started jumping on the bed.

Emilie is a book lover, and the first few nights after the transition we had some struggles with her getting out of bed to get more books.  Since her bedroom is right over the living room, we could hear every time she got of bed.  When we went to check on her, her bed was full of books, and she would just smile at us with a book in her hands.  It took her over an hour to fall asleep.

The past few nights have been a lot better, though.  So, either the the initial excitement has worn off or the exhaustion has set in.  She will still get out to get books but is too tired look at them.  When I checked on her last night, she was asleep in her bed completely surrounded by books.  What an angel.  The big girl bed is a success.

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