04 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

In the front yard Ari and I built a snowman
Then pretended he was Parson Brown

We had lots of fun with Mr. Snowman


  1. Did he say 'are you married?'
    Did you say 'no, man.'?

    Cutest snow man ever!!!

  2. But he could do the job while he's in town!

    I really like the way he turned out. He has a lot of personality.

  3. What are his eyes??! They're so inquisitive and friendly. I might replace mine soon, with whatever you used for him. hah! :0)

  4. Hi Katie! For Parson Brown's eyes, I picked a couple marigold blossoms from a flower box in the driveway. The plants were brown and wilted, and I was surprised to see how much color the flowers still had. His hair is made of wilted hosta leaves, and his buttons are holly berries. He was so much fun to build!!



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