11 June 2010

Sun tea

When I was a kid, I always knew it was summer when I saw a sun tea jar perched on the deck; slowly brewing in the morning sun. I didn't much care for the tea back then, it was just more of an icon of summer than anything else. Recently though, I have been craving a crisp cool summer beverage; something more than water, but not in the realm of the soft drink. So, I decided to give sun tea another chance.

I purchased a one gallon sun teat dispenser and some tea bags and I was ready to go.  The instructions were simple enough, I just put nine tea bags in one gallon of water and let sit outside in the sun for up to four hours.  Watching that tea brew on the back porch brought back so many memories for me.  After four hours, the tea was ready to drink.  I dispensed the tea into a cup full of ice, added a little simple syrup I had made for the occasion, and I was in refreshment heaven.

My tasty beverage was light, just sweet enough, and satisfyingly refreshing.  Tea was the beverage of choice that Friday evening, and it barely lasted the evening.  My only mistake was giving Emilie my cup because she wouldn't give it back.  I look forward to seeing many more batches of tea brewing in my backyard in the coming months.  What a wonderful summer drink!

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