28 June 2010

Garden Update

My frost fears in April are all a distant memory as my garden is thriving.  I'm still learning about how far to space the plants since what seemed like a lot of room at the time has quickly been erased by rapidly growing fruits and veggies.  I don't think anything is suffocating, though, and I am quite pleased with has things have turned out so far.

We have definitely been taking advantage of having fresh lettuce this year.  We have been picking mature leaves off the lettuce for about a month now, and they are still going strong.  We haven't had to buy lettuce for so long, and we have been eating salads with out dinner just about every night.  The lettuce us so crisp, fragrant, tender and flavorful.

We are also seeing an abundance of tomato blossoms on all of our tomato plants.  I enjoy seeing these beautiful yellow flowers dotting the sea of green because I know what will soon follow.

Tomatoes!  Along with the flowers, there are also quite a few tomatoes taking shape on the plants.  The plants seem to be a few weeks ahead of where they were last year.  If that means BLT season will start a little early this year, I will be a happy man.

One of the more ominous looking plants in our garden is the artichoke.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's sharp pointed leaves look more suited for Jurassic Park than a backyard garden.

I am so excited about the jalapeno plants, too!  I love these little peppers, and the bright little flowers were a welcome sight, especially since I thought they hadn't survived that frosty night.

Speaking of survival stories, our cantaloupe plant is also thriving.  So much so, in fact, I had to weave it's vines out of the garden and into the yard.  It has it's own pretty little yellow flowers to boast, and I am looking forward to the juicy sweet fruits it will soon produce.

Quite a change in month, if you ask me.  I can't wait to see what the end of July will bring!


  1. Awesome Luke! Is there anything more exciting than seeing that first little tomato? Are you growing any heirloom varieties? Keeks and I grew some Cherokee Purple heirlooms last year. The raccoons got the majority, but I was able to salvage three giants. I've never had a tomato like it. I grew Habaneros too. Crazy hot!!! I miss gardening. I need to move to the country right now. Oh yeah...congrats on the artichoke.

  2. Thanks Jeremy! I go out to the garden every day to inspect it for more little tomatoes. We are mainly growing Wisconsin 55's, which is an heirloom. We also have a couple plants from seeds we bought from The Sunspot, whose name escapes me. And we have a cherry tomato plant we bought at the farmer's market (which is mainly for Emilie). There is nothing like a tomato picked right off the vine. I was afraid of the heat of the habanero, so I just stuck with the jalapeno. The artichoke plant really freaks me out, by the way, but I'm excited to see how it grows.



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