30 June 2010

Blue Jay

I wouldn't call myself a bird watcher, but after going into my mom and Marty's backyard, I find myself mesmerized by the birds.  They have a number of feeders of all different types available for out feathered friends, and the birds flock in to be treated to a gourmet meal.  Marty also scatters whole peanuts on the ground for the blue jays, which are my favorite birds to watch.

As soon as the peanuts hit the yard, blue jays fly in to collect their bounty.  They don't eat them in the yard, though.  The swoop in, grab a peanut, and fly to a more comfortable spot to break it open and eat.  My mom calls them 'thieves'.  I saw this happen one evening and made a note to bring my camera to capture the magic; and I knew I would probably get a pretty good picture of a blue jay.

This one is my favorite.

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