23 December 2008

Best of the season

I have been experiencing this Christmas season from a different perspective. With Ari turning three in January, this is the first year he has shown real joy and excitement regarding Christmas. He was thrilled to see presents under the tree, he points out Christmas lights as we are driving down the street, and he wants to listen to Christmas music. I am starting to see the magic of Christmas in his innocence, and it has brought back so many memories of Christmases gone by.
I have also been intrigued by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens this year. Not that I am a Scrooge (I think of myself as more of a Bob Cratchit type or Scrooge's nephew Fred). I think I have been so captivated by this story because the resurfacing memories of Christmas past, coupled with these new feelings of Christmas present, have been quite sentimental and almost spiritual for me. Also, the thoughts of all the Christmas's yet to come as Ari and Emilie grow, fills me with a sense of wonder and excitement all my own.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. A Christmas Carol is one of the best stories ever created, Christmas...or otherwise. I love when other people concur...and when they see the deeper spiritual aspects of the tale.



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