29 December 2008

Ari TV

"Wanna do Ari TV?"
Hearing those words from my two-year-old, I know he is in a rambunctious mood. And if I'm in the mood for a raucous good time, myself; I'll take him up on his offer.
I reach for either the digital camera or the camcorder and plug it into the television and let the party start.
Once Ari sees himself on the television, something in him clicks and he becomes a wild little man, or as I like to call him, fearless D. Nothing gets him going like that. It really is something to see.
Jumping off the couch, pouncing the dog (even the camera man on occasion), and throwing himself around with reckless abandon are part of the norm during Ari TV; with me taking snapshots the whole time.
This is one of my favorite shots during an Ari TV session. Looking at this mid-flight jump always brings a smile to my face.

1 comment:

  1. that is one fearless look if i ever saw one! he would take tv by storm! hahhaa



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