06 October 2010

What to do with that leftover pie crust

With every pie crust, there is inevitably some excess dough left over after trimming the edges around the pie plate.  Now, this stuff is simply too good to just throw it away, so why not make an extra little treat with it.  When I was young, I remember Nonna rolling out the leftover pie crust dough, sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar, and baking it.  Talk about delicious!  I have adopted this method for my leftover crust, too. 

With my last pie, I decided to try something new with my leftover crust dough.  Instead of baking it flat, I rolled the dough after sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar.  I then cut the rolled dough into half inch rounds so they resembled little cinnamon rolls and baked them on some parchment paper.  It worked like a charm.  They pretty much tasted the same as the flat crust, but it was so fun to eat those miniature cinnamon rolls.


  1. I'm inspired to try this, thanks Luke!

  2. My grandmother and great-grandmother have done this for years! To the point where they would make them by the dozens using entire piecrusts... as these sweet little "cookies" became more popular than the pies! My grandma always called them "pinwheels"... it was always the first of the family recipes we grandkids were taught to make growing up. *sigh*... such great memories. :)



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