14 July 2010

Happy Anniversary Ditalini Press!

Two years ago today, Ditalini Press was created. 

Ditalini Press is a blog consisting of a group of creative writers who post at regular intervals. We are given a writing topic at the beginning of the month and are encouraged to submit our works by the end of the month.
Ditalini Press gave me the inspiration I needed to start Latent Chestnut, and I am happy to recognize the second anniversary of the first post. The number of Ditalini Press contributors has grown significantly over the past couple years; we started with five, and now have twenty-two contributors. 

I was more nervous than excited when the first topic was given on July 14, 2008 because I had not written anything creative for years.  But now, I eagerly anticipate each new topic and look forward to the challenge it presents.  It is a rewarding experience for me, and keeps my creative juices flowing.  As always, Ditalini Press is open to anyone, and we are always looking for more writers to join the fun!


  1. Sounds like a cool site!

  2. It really is, Lisa. If you ever want to join the fun, just let me know!



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