26 July 2010

Coyote Kids

Coyote Kids is a free summer running program presented by the Club Kokomo Roadrunners.  Ari has participated for the last three years, and this is the first year Emilie has joined the fun.  The kids absolutely love going to Jackson Morrow park to run, and they get a ribbon and popsicle after each race.

It has become quite the event as kids age 0-18 can participate.  It is so nice to see so many kids out there ready to run.  There are only six weeks of races, but it is the highlight of our Thursday evenings while it is going on.  Emilie ran in the 25-yard run, while Ari ran the quarter mile.  Parents can run with their kids, too, and I have to admit Ari left me in the dust a couple times during the quarter mile run.  The kids seem to have an endless supply of energy.  Emilie did a great job, too, even if we had to hold her hand during her race.




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