23 February 2010

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta

Knowing I have a penchant for pasta, my Uncle Lee thought of me when he came across an illustrated pasta identification guide on the internet. He found this link as the result of a web search for "Elicoidale Medio", a type of pasta that had been marked down at Big Lots:


The link opens a quite large PDF document, so I provided a couple screen shots of what is inside.

Most of the document is in Italian, so I used an online translator to see what the text of the document says. As it turns out, the document is a brochure of sorts, displaying the different pasta dyes or presses this company sells to make different pasta shapes. The first part of the catalog shows pictures of the pasta shapes in their actual size, while the last few pages contains an index of the names of the shapes.

It is a nice reference guide to the different cuts and shapes of pasta. I never knew there were so many! I did, however, notice one glaring omission to all the pasta shapes this company provides. You guessed it, no ditalini. Oh, the humanity!


  1. Oh the humanity is right! But man, love that astronaut! Which pasta would you order?

  2. I like the two that look like lips. How funny.

  3. I'm partial to the bicycle shape.



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