21 February 2010

It's only a matter of time...

Yes, I know it's only a matter of time before my son poses this very same question to me. I can't really blame him if he does. But hey, at least now I will have a witty response.

I know this blog has had a very heavy dose of Super Mario lately, but I assure you, it has run it's course. Thank you all for your patience. I don't know if some of you were planning an intervention, but it is not necessary. Now, back to variety!


  1. I love the Mario Bro room decor. It rocks! And I don't even like video games, but it came out great. You will certainly find more humor and irony to post as your kids become older and "smarter" than you.

  2. Thanks flutterby. I'm so glad I read Calvin and Hobbes as a kid, seeing it from a child's point of view. Because it is like a whole new comic strip reading it now from a parent's perspective.

  3. I just noticed that you have the March topic to post for DP. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Be kind please!



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